Electronic discovery (e-Discovery) is the process of identifying, collecting and producing electronically stored information preferably in response to a request for production before court in a legal battle. These electronic stored information includes, but is not limited to emails, documents, presentations, databases, chats voicemail, audio and video files etc.


At the initiation of any litigation, it is very important and critical to collect all relevant information quickly and efficiently. The relevance of data collected has direct consequences on what will be reviewed which will determine the cost and time spent on all next steps of eDiscovery stages. We help you in gathering these data by searching, identifying, analyzing, filtering, and capturing relevant data at an early stage of the eDiscovery process. This helps meaningful and targeted collections at maximum cost saving.


We provide our service to process all types of data in all formats and language. Our team identifies the relevant data and removes irrelevant data before starting data review step.


Our team of experts having experience in litigation eDiscovery with help of advanced litigation document review tools reviews the data from attorneys eye and quickly finds relevant data leading to efficient review with quality product within strict timelines of litigations.


After processing step, data are produced in user friendly formats in any volume in any format required for review by in-house and outside counsel.