Trademark is the identity of source of origin of a product or service. A word, logo, packaging, sound and shape of goods are recognized by the Indian trademarks system. Trademark is a perpetual right if it is renewed continuously. In India, trademarks are governed by The Trademarks Act, 1999 and The Trademarks Rules, 2017.


Filing a trademark application with proper applicant with proper description of goods and services is very important for building a strong trademark portfolio. It is also important to cover the different aspects of the mark properly. We at Delhi IP file and prosecute the trademark applications diligently providing all information accurately to build the strongest portfolio for our client. We also strictly adhere to all the procedural requirements and office actions by replying the examination reports and attending hearing on behalf of our clients.

Delhi IP team also provides trademark registration in other countries through our foreign associates.


A trademark can be challenged any time before or after the registration through oppositions and rectifications. Trademark team at Delhi IP strategically deals with such complex issues and defend such challenges securing the interest of our client at the best.

We also prepare and file oppositions and rectifications for our clients.


The launch of a new brand in the Indian market is a complex affair. We at Delhi IP provide a comprehensive legal assessment of all foreseeable risks to our clients and help them in implementing their brand development successfully. We also work with our clients in planning and execution of risk mitigation.


Registered trademark only confers the exclusive right to use the mark. It is proprietor’s duty to keep an eye on infringement on products or services sold under the identical or deceptively similar mark. We at Delhi IP ensure through obtaining favorable injunctions orders that trademark rights of our clients are secured and enforced properly.


Delhi IP has a team of dynamic and experienced lawyers who represent clients before all level of courts (District Courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court) and various tribunals for safeguarding the interest of clients.

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