Patent Drafting

Patent Drafting

Drafting patent application is most complicated task in the whole process of procuring a patent. In Patent application the applicant has to describe his invention and best method of performing it. At the same time, it should be drafted in a simple language so that a person skilled in the art can easily reproduce the claimed invention.

Since, a patent application is a techno-legal document, it must disclose the invention in such a manner that a person of ordinary skill in the art (POSITA) can reproduce it. At the same time statement of claims defines the boundary of legal protection sought. Therefore, it is said that fate of a patent application depends upon its drafting. A well-drafted patent application takes lesser time to get granted. Further, the scope of granted claim can be comprehensive if the drafting has been done wisely. On the other hand, a poorly drafted patent application may lead to refusal of patent application or invalidation of patent.

A patent application has following parts:

  • Field of the invention
  • Background of the invention
  • Summary of the invention
  • Brief description of the invention
  • Detailed description of the invention
  • Statement of claims
  • Abstract
  • Drawings

A well-drafted patent application must involve its inventive features in contrast to the existing technology and problem solution statements. Sometime, a wise drafting is all about behind the grand of the patent.

We at Delhi IP have Patent Agents/Attorneys who have relevant scientific/technical background along with their drafting skillset, who drafts patent applications for our clients for speedy patent grant with comprehensive patent rights.

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