Design Invalidity Search

Design Invalidity Search 

Design invalidity searches are conducted to invalidate design of the competitors. An invalidity search is a prior art search done after the design is registered.  

Through invalidity search we find prior arts that the design examiner overlooked so that the registered design of the competitor can be declared invalid. As a researcher we dig deep into design database, catalogues, broachers and the internet to uncover any of the information that relates to the design in question, which ultimately will allow the client to challenge another person’s registered design.  

Through this search we help our clients in diminishing the designs of their competitors which will allow our clients to destroy the competition and use the registered design themselves without any legal risks.  

We conduct invalidity search to strengthen the authenticity of registered designs of our clients too. The deign certificate along with the invalidity search results showing that the registered design in new and novel is the strong evidence for novelty of the registered design of our clients. 

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