Technology Transfer


Technology transfer is a systematic transfer of an intellectual property or proprietary technology (data, design, invention, material, software, technical knowledge or trade secrets) from one person/organization to another person/organization. In other words, technology transfer is either formally or informally sharing of skills, knowledge, technologies, manufacturing methods, and similar know-how from one person/organization to another person/organization.

The main objective of technology transfer is commercial exploitation of technology of interest. Such objectives are achieved through creation of joint ventures, licensing agreements, assignment agreements and/or partnerships. The transferer may be awarded monetary rewards against such technology transfer.

An important part of technology transfer is strategic protection of intellectual property (IP) generated various at research institutions and leveraging maximum out of it. This can mean licensing protected intellectual property (IP) to interested parties and commercializing the intellectual property (IP) generated.

However, it is very important that before innovations can be brought to market, they need to be developed through technology readiness levels (TRL). Further, proper documentation is important for an effective technology transfer. Unlike other properties, an effective technology transfer needs in-depth techno-commercial expertise along with the knowledge of prevailing legal position.

We provide to best in class technology transfer services through our technical lawyers working along with our associates having commercial expertise.

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