Design Patentability/Registrability Search

Design Patentability/Registrability Search 

In order to get a Design registered, the design should be new and novel. It should not be already in use. If the design is already in use, then you will not get a registration for your design and you will lose considerable amount of time and money. 

Design patentability search is a search which helps our clients to figure out whether their design is registerable or not. We assists our clients in conducting design patentability search by looking for designs that might be similar to our clients design.  

This helps our clients in saving considerable amount of time and money. Design patentability search also assists our clients in improving their design application by focusing on drafting claims which are relevant for their design and which are new and novel which ultimately increases the chances of their design getting registered.  

While design patentability search can be performed on your own, it is always advisable to get a professional to do the search as the result of the search can yield different results if it is not done properly. We at Delhi IP have design agents who are professionals at conducting Design Patentability searches. 

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