IP Enforcement


IP enforcement is the process of enforcing the interest of IP owner through various legal mechanisms. Counterfeiters have adapted themselves to survive in the market by identifying escape routes to evade from criminal and civil liabilities under the IP laws. Thus, an effective IP enforcement not only requires legal skill set but also identification of the counterfeiters, piracy-prone market and an effective surveillance and understanding the pre-litigation measures.

Slow judicial system and lengthy and time-consuming judicial procedures in India make the IP enforcement cumbersome despite well-established statutory provisional and administrative/judicial framework. It is pertinent to mention in last few years, Indian courts have shown dynamism and zeal for effective protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) and there is a steep rise in the IP enforcement. It has been observed that by adopting right strategies and understanding market psychology, an effective IP enforcement can be achieved effectively in timely manner.

We offer best in class IP enforcement services through our highly experienced team members having legal expertise and market psychology.



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