Freedom-to-operate (FTO) Search [for Design]

Freedom-to-operate (FTO) Search (for Design) 

A Freedom to Operate is a type of Design search which is carried out to ascertain whether the design you are working on is violating any existing registered design or not. Huge amounts of money is invested by organizations in creating their unique design only to find out later that the design they are working on is already in existence.  

We at Delhi IP assist our clients by conducting an early FTO search which helps our clients in saving considerable amount of money, time, energy and resources by indicating to the company whether the design they are working on is in violation of any existing registered designs or not and helps them avoid potential business risks.  

Conducting an FTO search further helps our clients in identifying commercial opportunities by identifying designs whose registration have expired and designs whose registration is about to be expired which put our clients ahead of their competitors. 

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