Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration

Copyright Registration 

Copyright is an exclusive right which is granted to the original author of a creative work. They are granted for the following classes of work: 

  • Original literary, artistic and musical work 
  • Sound recording 
  • Cinematographic films 

The main objective of copyright is to bar the unlawful reproduction of the creativity of the artist, creators, writers, playback singers, programmers etc. 

It may be noted that the right of copyright is an automatic right. This means that once the creator creates a creative work, he automatically acquires the copyright for it. 

However, it is still advisable to get a registration for copyright as registration of copyright grants the author with several benefits. These benefits are: 

  • It provides you with a legal evidence that you are the original author of the work which enables you to make a prima facie case in cases of infringement of your work.  
  • It creates a legal record of your work which basically tells the world that the work belong to you and it is protected by the copyright. 

The copyright certificate creates a prima facie evidence that you are the original author of the work in suits where ownership of the work is disputed.  

We at Delhi IP have experienced copyright attorneys who assists our clients in registration of copyright. We also assists our clients in cases an objection is raised for the registration of copyright by preparing appropriate replies which eases the process of copyright registration. 

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