Copyright is a right granted by the state to owner of the creative work e.g. literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, cinematograph films and sound recordings. Copyright registration is not mandatory and it acquired automatic with the creation. However, a registration certificate facilitates the process of enforcement by serving prima-facie evidence in a court. In India, trademarks are governed by The Copyright Act, 1957 and The Copyright Rules, 2013.


We at Delhi IP file and prosecute the copyright applications to get the registration certificate at the earliest.


A registered copyright confers the commercial and moral rights to the owner of the copyright. However, it is proprietor’s burden to keep an eye on unfair trade practices which includes selling pirated copies for commercial purposes and unethical adaptation of copyrighted work without obtaining the consent of the owner of the copyright. We at Delhi IP ensure through obtaining favorable injunctions orders that rights of our clients are secured and enforced properly.


Delhi IP has a team of dynamic and experienced lawyers who represent clients before all level of courts (District Courts, High Courts and the Supreme Court) and various tribunals for safeguarding the interest of our clients.

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